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Q2345+007: binary or massive dark lens.
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Q2345+007 through deep BRIJK' photometry.
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Q 2245+007: the largest gravitationally lensed QSO system ?
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QSO 2345+007.
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B and Q 2345+007A,
B and the gravitational lens interpretation.
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Q 2345+007.
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B: implications for the nature of the Lyman-alpha forest clouds.
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2345+007: lensing by dark matter.
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BVr photometry of 2345+007 A,
B, and the gravitational lens hypothesis.
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B : a case for the double gravitational lens ?
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1983S&W....22....6A 69 T                   1 1 0
Q 2345+007 : das dritte Gravitationslinsendoppelbild.
1982ApJ...255L...5W 5 4 108 Discovery of a third gravitational lens. WEEDMAN D.W., WEYMANN R.J., GREEN R.F., et al.

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