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2021ApJ...908...75B 20       D               1 556 ~ The radio luminosity-risetime function of core-collapse supernovae. BIETENHOLZ M.F., BARTEL N., ARGO M., et al.
2020A&A...635A.186P 233           X C       4 33 ~ The rise and fall of an extraordinary Ca-rich transient. The discovery of ATLAS19dqr/SN 2019bkc. PRENTICE S.J., MAGUIRE K., FLORS A., et al.
2020ApJ...889L...6C 868     A     X C       18 35 ~ The most rapidly declining Type I supernova 2019bkc/ATLAS19dqr. CHEN P., DONG S., STRITZINGER M.D., et al.
2020ApJ...890L..26K 93             C       1 10 ~ Rapid transients originating from thermonuclear explosions in helium white dwarf tidal disruption events. KAWANA K., MAEDA K., YOSHIDA N., et al.
2020ApJ...894...27T 47           X         1 13 ~ Rapidly evolving transients from the Hyper Suprime-Cam SSP Transient Survey. TAMPO Y., TANAKA M., MAEDA K., et al.
2020ApJ...898..158M 532       D     X C       11 4 ~ Radio emission from ultra-stripped supernovae as diagnostics for properties of the remnant double neutron star binaries. MATSUOKA T. and MAEDA K.
2020ApJ...900...46Y 140           X         3 33 ~ SN2019dge: a helium-rich ultra-stripped envelope supernova. YAO Y., DE K., KASLIWAL M.M., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.3956Z 187           X C       3 2 ~ Faint rapid red transients from neutron star-CO white dwarf mergers. ZENATI Y., BOBRICK A. and PERETS H.B.
2019ApJ...872...18M 179           X C       3 19 ~ An embedded X-ray source shines through the aspherical AT 2018cow: revealing the inner workings of the most luminous fast-evolving optical transients. MARGUTTI R., METZGER B.D., CHORNOCK R., et al.
2019ApJ...880L..22W 134           X C       2 31 ~ Optimal classification and outlier detection for stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae. WILLIAMSON M., MODJAZ M. and BIANCO F.B.
2019ApJ...882...93H 45           X         1 5 ~ The rate of iPTF 14gqr like ultra-stripped supernovae and binary evolution leading to double neutron star formation. HIJIKAWA K., KINUGAWA T., YOSHIDA T., et al.
2019ApJ...885L..23M 269           X C       5 14 ~ SN2018kzr: a rapidly declining transient from the destruction of a white dwarf. McBRIEN O.R., SMARTT S.J., CHEN T.-W., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.3307M 45           X         1 6 ~ Three-dimensional simulations of neutrino-driven core-collapse supernovae from low-mass single and binary star progenitors. MULLER B., TAURIS T.M., HEGER A., et al.
2019PASP..131f8002B 45           X         1 12 ~ Presto-Color: a photometric Survey cadence for explosive physics and fast transients. BIANCO F.B., DROUT M.R., GRAHAM M.L., et al.
2019PASP..131g8001G 90           X         2 21 ~ The Zwicky Transient Facility: science objectives. GRAHAM M.J., KULKARNI S.R., BELLM E.C., et al.
2018A&A...618A..37F viz 87             C       1 19 3 Oxygen and helium in stripped-envelope supernovae. FREMLING C., SOLLERMAN J., KASLIWAL M.M., et al.
2018MNRAS.474.2937C 48           X         1 9 36 Double neutron stars: merger rates revisited. CHRUSLINSKA M., BELCZYNSKI K., KLENCKI J., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.2591S 44           X         1 22 2 Broad-line Type Ic supernova SN 2014ad. SAHU D.K., ANUPAMA G.C., CHAKRADHARI N.K., et al.
2018MNRAS.479.3675M 87           X         2 6 5 Multidimensional simulations of ultrastripped supernovae to shock breakout. MULLER B., GAY D.W., HEGER A., et al.
2018MNRAS.481..894P 44           X         1 20 ~ Rapidly evolving transients in the Dark Energy Survey. PURSIAINEN M., CHILDRESS M., SMITH M., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.3305S 44           X         1 2 ~ On the minimum mass of neutron stars. SUWA Y., YOSHIDA T., SHIBATA M., et al.
2018Sci...362..201D viz 34 ~ A hot and fast ultra-stripped supernova that likely formed a compact neutron star binary. DE K., KASLIWAL M.M., OFEK E.O., et al.
2017ApJ...835..140M 17       D               1 194 49 Ejection of the massive hydrogen-rich envelope timed with the collapse of the stripped SN 2014C. MARGUTTI R., KAMBLE A., MILISAVLJEVIC D., et al.
2017ApJ...846..170T 173           X         4 46 164 Formation of double neutron star systems. TAURIS T.M., KRAMER M., FREIRE P.C.C., et al.
2017MNRAS.466.2085M 1006   K A S   X C       22 11 20 Light-curve and spectral properties of ultrastripped core-collapse supernovae leading to binary neutron stars. MORIYA T.J., MAZZALI P.A., TOMINAGA N., et al.
2017MNRAS.471.4275Y 387           X C       8 2 9 Explosive nucleosynthesis of ultra-stripped Type Ic supernovae: application to light trans-iron elements. YOSHIDA T., SUWA Y., UMEDA H., et al.
2016A&A...589A..38B 43           X         1 9 15 Explosion of white dwarfs harboring hybrid CONe cores. BRAVO E., GIL-PONS P., GUTIERREZ J.L., et al.
2016ApJ...821...57D viz 167             C F     3 43 29 The double-peaked SN 2013ge: a Type Ib/c SN with an asymmetric mass ejection or an extended progenitor envelope. DROUT M.R., MILISAVLJEVIC D., PARRENT J., et al.
2016ApJ...827...84J 90           X         2 1 6 Low mach number modeling of convection in helium shells on sub-Chandrasekhar wHIte dwarfs. II. Bulk properties of simple models. JACOBS A.M., ZINGALE M., NONAKA A., et al.
2016MNRAS.457..328L 86           X         2 47 100 Bolometric light curves and explosion parameters of 38 stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae. LYMAN J.D., BERSIER D., JAMES P.A., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.3057S 125           X         3 35 17 SN 2015U: a rapidly evolving and luminous Type Ibn supernova. SHIVVERS I., ZHENG W., MAUERHAN J., et al.
2015A&A...584A..11L 47           X         1 3 19 The interaction of core-collapse supernova ejecta with a companion star. LIU Z.-W., TAURIS T.M., ROEPKE F.K., et al.
2015ApJ...799L...2I 43           X         1 7 16 OGLE-2013-SN-079: a lonely supernova consistent with a helium shell detonation. INSERRA C., SIM S.A., WYRZYKOWSKI L., et al.
2015ApJ...806L...6Y 42           X         1 14 18 Rapidly evolving and luminous transients driven by newly born neutron stars. YU Y.-W., LI S.-Z. and DAI Z.-G.
2015ApJS..220....9F viz 16       D               1 315 33 CfAIR2: near-infrared light curves of 94 Type Ia supernovae. FRIEDMAN A.S., WOOD-VASEY W.M., MARION G.H., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.2123T 293       S   X         6 15 84 Ultra-stripped supernovae: progenitors and fate. TAURIS T.M., LANGER N. and PODSIADLOWSKI P.
2015MNRAS.454.3073S 281   K A     X         7 3 29 Neutrino-driven explosions of ultra-stripped Type Ic supernovae generating binary neutron stars. SUWA Y., YOSHIDA T., SHIBATA M., et al.
2014ApJ...794...23D viz 530           X C       12 29 76 Rapidly evolving and luminous transients from Pan-STARRS1. DROUT M.R., CHORNOCK R., SODERBERG A.M., et al.
2014ApJS..213...19B viz 179       D     X         5 129 66 Multi-color optical and near-infrared light curves of 64 stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae. BIANCO F.B., MODJAZ M., HICKEN M., et al.
2014MNRAS.438...14D 49           X         1 7 61 The structure and fate of white dwarf merger remnants. DAN M., ROSSWOG S., BRUGGEN M., et al.
2014MNRAS.438..318K 516   K A     X         13 8 37 Rapidly fading supernovae from massive star explosions. KLEISER I.K.W. and KASEN D.
2014MNRAS.440..821B 16       D               1 133 20 Radio limits on off-axis GRB afterglows and VLBI observations of SN 2003gk. BIETENHOLZ M.F., DE COLLE F., GRANOT J., et al.
2013ApJ...774...58D 7427 T K A D S   X C       183 21 57 The fast and furious decay of the peculiar type IC supernova 2005ek. DROUT M.R., SODERBERG A.M., MAZZALI P.A., et al.
2013ApJ...776...97M 42           X         1 7 19 The effects of curvature and expansion on helium detonations on white dwarf surfaces. MOORE K., TOWNSLEY D.M. and BILDSTEN L.
2013ApJ...778...63H 40           X         1 16 9 PTF 12gzk–A rapidly declining, high-velocity type IC radio supernova. HORESH A., KULKARNI S.R., CORSI A., et al.
2013ApJ...778L..23T 475   K A     X C       11 7 63 Ultra-stripped type IC supernovae from close binary evolution. TAURIS T.M., LANGER N., MORIYA T.J., et al.
2012A&A...538A.120L viz 16       D               1 5597 23 A unified supernova catalogue. LENNARZ D., ALTMANN D. and WIEBUSCH C.
2012A&A...544A..81H viz 16       D               1 7231 45 Supernovae and their host galaxies. I. The SDSS DR8 database and statistics. HAKOBYAN A.A., ADIBEKYAN V.Zh., ARAMYAN L.S., et al.
2011MNRAS.412.1419L viz 16       D               1 1826 123 Nearby supernova rates from the Lick observatory supernova search – I. The methods and data base. LEAMAN J., LI W., CHORNOCK R., et al.
2010Natur.463...61P 9 11 206 Sub-luminous type Ia supernovae from the mergers of equal-mass white dwarfs with mass ∼0.9solar mass. PAKMOR R., KROMER M., ROPKE F.K., et al.
2008MNRAS.384.1638P 15       D               1 190 21 How rapidly do neutron stars spin at birth? Constraints from archival X-ray observations of extragalactic supernovae. PERNA R., SORIA R., POOLEY D., et al.
2005CBET..232....1K 38 T       O X         2 1 Supernova 2005ek in UGC 2526. KHANDRIKA H. and LI W.
2005CBET..235....1W 38 T       O X         2 2 Supernovae 2005ek and 2005el. WONG D.S., PARK S., SHIMASAKI K., et al.
2005IAUC.8604....1B 75 T                   8 3 Supernovae 2005ej, 2005ek, 2005el, 2005em. BOLES T. (LOSS/KAIT), KHANDRIKA H., et al.

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