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1993PASP..105..127D viz 819 131 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
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1999Ap.....42..270R 24 2 X-ray nova candidates among old classical novae. ROSENBUSH A.E.
2000AJ....119..365S 110 T K                 4 22 Spectroscopy of
GW Librae at quiescence.
2000ApJ...540..983S 11 12 The effects of superoutbursts onTOADs. SZKODY P., DESAI V., BURDULLIS T., et al.
2000PASP..112.1523W 9 7 Cataclysmic variables. (Millennium essay). WARNER B.
2000BaltA...9..223S 109 T K                 1 0 CCD time-series observations of the DAV cataclysmic variable
GW Librae.
2000BaltA...9..231V 124 T K                 1 45
GW Librae: an accreting variable white dwarf.
2001A&A...374.1003B 8 21 The white dwarf revealed in the intermediate polar V709 Cassiopeiae. BONNET-BIDAUD J.M., MOUCHET M., DE MARTINO D., et al.
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2002ApJ...574..950S 1 6 20 Cool white dwarfs in cataclysmic variables: Hubble space telescope results on EG Cancri and HV Virginis. SZKODY P., GANSICKE B.T., SION E.M., et al.
2002ApJ...575L..79S 112 T K                 7 51 Hubble space telescope spectra of

GW Librae
: a hot pulsating white dwarf in a cataclysmic variable.
2002PASP..114.1108T 1 8 47 The dwarf novae of shortest period. THORSTENSEN J.R., PATTERSON J., KEMP J., et al.
2002Ap&SS.282..433W 74 T                   6 19 A 2.09-h photometric periodicity in
GW Librae.
2002IBVS.5334....1K 6 3 Astrometric authentication of RX J2309.8+2135 as a nearby dwarf nova candidate. KATO T. and YAMAOKA H.
2002PASJ...54..999K 15 14 WZ Sge-type star V592 Herculis. KATO T., UEMURA M., MATSUMOTO K., et al.
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2003MNRAS.345..506O 1 13 51 The DA+dMe eclipsing binary EC13471-1258: its cup runneth over ... just. O'DONOGHUE D., KOEN C., KILKENNY D., et al.
2003PASP..115...37T 7 17 Five dwarf novae with orbital periods below two hours. THORSTENSEN J.R. and FENTON W.H.
2004A&A...424..727P viz 15       D               3567 256 SB9: The ninth catalogue of spectroscopic binary orbits. POURBAIX D., TOKOVININ A.A., BATTEN A.H., et al.
2004ApJ...608L.105T 83 T                   1 29 Seismology of the accreting white dwarf in
GW Librae.
2004MNRAS.348..599W 1 7 35 SDSS J161033.64-010223.3: a second cataclysmic variable with a non-radially pulsating primary. WOUDT P.A. and WARNER B.
2004MNRAS.350..307V 115 T K                 4 51 The non-radially pulsating primary of the cataclysmic variable

GW Librae
2004MNRAS.351.1015W 21 57 High-speed photometry of faint cataclysmic variables - IV. V356 Aql, Aqr1, FIRST J1023+0038, Hα 0242-2802, GI Mon, AO Oct, V972 Oph, SDSS 0155+00, SDSS 0233+00, SDSS 1240-01, SDSS 1556-00, SDSS 2050-05, FH Ser. WOUDT P.A., WARNER B. and PRETORIUS M.L.
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2004RMxAC..20..124L 10 6 The implications of disc instabilities on cataclysmic variable structure and evolution. LASOTA J.-P.
2005A&A...430..629A 3 15 102 HS 2331+3905: The cataclysmic variable that has it all. ARAUJO-BETANCOR S., GAENSICKE B.T., HAGEN H.-J., et al.
2005A&A...431..269R         O           23 16 Detection of the white dwarf and the secondary star in the new SU UMa dwarf nova HS2219+1824. RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., GAENSICKE B.T., HAGEN H.-J., et al.
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2005MNRAS.364..107W 22 19 High-speed photometry of faint cataclysmic variables - V. V433 Ara, OQ Car, V591 Cen, V1039 Cen, Cal 86 (Dor), UY Mic, LB 9963 (Oct), V367 Peg, Sgr (MACHO peculiar variable), RX J0403+044 (Tau), V382 Vel and SY Vol. WOUDT P.A., WARNER B. and SPARK M.
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2005PASP..117..922P 1 4 13 The dwarf nova PQ Andromedae. PATTERSON J., THORSTENSEN J.R., ARMSTRONG E., et al.
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2006PASJ...58..143I 110 17 The 2003/2004 superoutburst of SDSS J013701.06-091234.9. IMADA A., KATO T., KUBOTA K., et al.
2006MNRAS.373..484K 180 176 The donor stars of cataclysmic variables. KNIGGE C.
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2007ApJ...658.1188S 2 5 28 Hubble Space Telescope and optical observations of three pulsating accreting white dwarfs in cataclysmic variables. SZKODY P., MUKADAM A., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2007IAUC.8829....1W 77 T                   1 5
GW Librae.
2007NewA...12..446A viz 115 25 A new absolute magnitude calibration with 2MASS for cataclysmic variables. AK T., BILIR S., AK S., et al.
2007ApJ...667..433M 10 19 Discovery of two new accreting pulsating white dwarf stars. MUKADAM A.S., GANSICKE B.T., SZKODY P., et al.
2007AJ....134.1503H 1190 T K A     X         31 13 10 XMM-Newton observations of the cataclysmic variable
GW Librae.
2007BAVSR..56..186B         O           9 0 Aus der Sektion Kataklysmische Sterne: Aktivitaeten von April bis August 2007. BANNUSCHER D.
2007MNRAS.382.1145S 38           X         1 17 24 Orbital periods of cataclysmic variables identified by the SDSS - II. Measurements for six objects, including two eclipsing systems. SOUTHWORTH J., MARSH T.R., GAENSICKE B.T., et al.
2006JAVSO..35...98W 24 0 Cataclysmic Variables: From Radio to Gamma Rays. WARNER B.
2008MNRAS.386.1568D 38           X         1 30 33 Orbital periods of cataclysmic variables identified by the SDSS - III. Time-series photometry obtained during the 2004/5 International Time Project on La Palma. DILLON M., GANSICKE B.T., AUNGWEROJWIT A., et al.
2008MNRAS.388..709S 114           X         3 7 10 Orbital periods of cataclysmic variables identified by the SDSS - IV. SDSSJ220553.98+115553.7 has stopped pulsating. SOUTHWORTH J., TOWNSLEY D.M. and GANSICKE B.T.
2008MNRAS.388.1111P 38           X         1 122 10 Cluster AgeS Experiment (CASE): deficiency of observed dwarf novae in globular clusters. PIETRUKOWICZ P., KALUZNY J., SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A., et al.
2008NewA...13..133A viz 15       D               459 29 Spatial distribution and galactic model parameters of cataclysmic variables. AK T., BILIR S., AK S., et al.
2008PASJ...60..267I 38           X         1 15 6 Photometric studies of new southern SUUMa-type dwarf novae, FL Trianguli Australis and CTCV J0549-4921. IMADA A., KATO T., MONARD L.A.G.B., et al.
2008PASJ...60L..23K 457   K A D S   X C       11 6 24 Late superhumps in WZ Sge-type dwarf novae. KATO T., MAEHARA H. and MONARD B.
2008BAVSR..57..298L 16 0 Aktivitaeten zwischen August und November 2008. LANGE T.
2009MNRAS.393..157C 3128   K A D S   X C F     80 7 17 ULTRACAM observations of two accreting white dwarf pulsators. COPPERWHEAT C.M., MARSH T.R., DHILLON V.S., et al.
2009ApJ...693.1007T 53       D     X         2 56 83 Cataclysmic variable primary effective temperatures: constraints on binary angular momentum loss. TOWNSLEY D.M. and GANSICKE B.T.
2009BAVSR..58...42L         O           8 0 Kataklysmische bedeckungsveraenderliche fur CCD beobachter - teil 1. LANGE T.
2009PASJ...61..395S 38           X         1 29 6 Photometric studies of a WZ Sge-type dwarf nova candidate, ASAS 160048-4846.2. SOEJIMA Y., IMADA A., NOGAMI D., et al.
2009MNRAS.395.2177W 61     A     X         2 15 12 57-second oscillations in nova Centauri 1986 (V842 Cen). WOUDT P.A., WARNER B., OSBORNE J., et al.
2009PASJ...61..601K 137     A     X         4 9 17 SDSS J080434.20+510349.2: Eclipsing WZ Sge-type dwarf nova with multiple rebrightenings. KATO T., PAVLENKO E.P., MAEHARA H., et al.
2009ApJ...701.1091G 15       D               1 71 7 A far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer survey of high-declination dwarf novae. GODON P., SION E.M., BARRETT P.E., et al.
2009MNRAS.397.2170G 92       D     X         3 154 131 SDSS unveils a population of intrinsically faint cataclysmic variables at the minimum orbital period. GANSICKE B.T., DILLON M., SOUTHWORTH J., et al.
2009PASJ...61..697H 1487 T K A D S   X C       37 10 6 Spectroscopic observations of the WZ Sge-type dwarf nova

GW Librae
during its 2007 superoutburst.
HIROI K., NOGAMI D., UEDA Y., et al.
2009MNRAS.399.1576B 2403 T   A D     X C F     61 11 14 Swift observations of
GW Lib: a unique insight into a rare outburst.
2010ApJ...710...64S 745       D S   X         19 30 43 Finding the instability strip for accreting pulsating white dwarfs from Hubble space telescope and optical observations. SZKODY P., MUKADAM A., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2010PASJ...62..187U 54       D     X         2 76 4 Dwarf novae in the shortest orbital period regime. I A new short superhump period dwarf nova, OT J055717+683226. UEMURA M., ARAI A., KATO T., et al.
2010ApJ...711..389A 39           X         1 8 24 SDSS J123813.73-033933.0: a cataclysmic variable evolved beyond the period minimum. AVILES A., ZHARIKOV S., TOVMASSIAN G., et al.
2010MNRAS.401.1857V 1768 T K A D S   X C F     43 5 17 Time-resolved spectroscopy of the pulsating CV
GW Lib.
2010MNRAS.402.1816C 38           X         1 10 15 X-ray observations of SU UMa throughout six outbursts. COLLINS D.J. and WHEATLEY P.J.
2010AJ....139.1771H 323   K   D S   X C       7 41 14 K-band spectroscopy of (Pre-)Cataclysmic variables: are some donor stars really carbon poor? HOWELL S.B., HARRISON T.E., SZKODY P., et al.
2010ApJ...714.1702M 138     A     X         4 10 16 Multi-site observations of pulsation in the accreting white dwarf SDSS J161033.64-010223.3 (V386 ser). MUKADAM A.S., TOWNSLEY D.M., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2010ApJ...715L.109V 907 T K A     X C       22 4 12 The mass of the white dwarf in
GW Libra.
2010PASJ...62..613U 207       D     X C       5 150 14 Dwarf novae in the shortest orbital period regime: II. WZ Sge stars as the missing population near the period minimum UEMURA M., KATO T., NOGAMI D., et al.
2009PASJ...61S.395K 1198       D S   X C       30 218 93 Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. KATO T., IMADA A., UEMURA M., et al.
2010NewA...15..491A 15       D               2 196 9 The age of cataclysmic variables: A kinematical study. AK T., BILIR S., AK S., et al.
2010MNRAS.407.1819R 38           X         1 8 13 Multiwavelength observations of the helium dwarf nova KL Dra through its outburst cycle. RAMSAY G., KOTKO I., BARCLAY T., et al.
2010MNRAS.408.2298B 938       D     X   F     24 16 43 Deriving an X-ray luminosity function of dwarf novae based on parallax measurements. BYCKLING K., MUKAI K., THORSTENSEN J.R., et al.
2011ApJ...728...16H 54       D     X         2 70 21 Infrared spectroscopic observations of the secondary stars of short-period sub-gap cataclysmic variables. HAMILTON R.T., HARRISON T.E., TAPPERT C., et al.
2011AJ....141...84B 1572 T K A     X C       39 7 19 GALEX and optical observations of
GW Librae during the long decline from superoutburst.
2011ApJ...728L..33M 233           X         6 4 13 First unambiguous detection of the return of pulsations in the accreting white dwarf SDSS J074531.92+453829.6 after an outburst. MUKADAM A.S., TOWNSLEY D.M., SZKODY P., et al.
2011MNRAS.411.2695P 248       D     X C       6 92 62 Distances and absolute magnitudes of dwarf novae: murmurs of period bounce. PATTERSON J.
2010PASJ...62.1525K 38           X         1 79 74 Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. II The Second Year (2009-2010). KATO T., MAEHARA H., UEMURA M., et al.
2009MNSSA..68..231M 56 0 CCD activities at the Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria) in 2008. MONARD B.
2011JAVSO..39..145S 4 0 The latest results on accreting pulsating white dwarfs. SZKODY P.
2012MNRAS.420..379U 156           X         4 16 11 Two new accreting, pulsating white dwarfs: SDSS J1457+51 and BW Sculptoris. UTHAS H., PATTERSON J., KEMP J., et al.
2009CoSka..39...43C viz 9 8 CCD photometry of the dwarf nova Trianguli 2008 - a new WZ Sge-type object. CHOCHOL D., KATYSHEVA N.A., SHUGAROV S.Yu., et al.
2010CoSka..40...19C viz 72 8 Photometric investigation of V466 And - a new WZ Sge-type dwarf nova. CHOCHOL D., KATYSHEVA N.A., SHUGAROV S.Yu., et al.
2012NewA...17..154G 39           X         1 43 6 A critical analysis of three near-infrared photometric methods of estimating distances to cataclysmic variables. GARIETY M.J. and RINGWALD F.A.
2012PASJ...64...21K 562       D     X C       14 106 53 Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. III. The third year (2010-2011). KATO T., MAEHARA H., MILLER I., et al.
2012MNRAS.422..469S 39           X         1 7 10 A radial velocity study of CTCV J1300-3052. SAVOURY C.D.J., LITTLEFAIR S.P., MARSH T.R., et al.
2012ApJ...753..158S 1271 T K A     X C       31 11 21 HST and optical data reveal white dwarf cooling, spin, and periodicities in

GW Librae
3-4 years after outburst.
2012AJ....144...84S 313           X         8 5 12 GALEX and optical data on V455 Andromedae at three years post-outburst. SILVESTRI N.M., SZKODY P., MUKADAM A.S., et al.
2012ApJ...757..169C 39           X         1 11 1 The X-ray transient 2XMMi J003833.3+402133: a candidate magnetar at high galactic latitude. CALLINGHAM J.R., FARRELL S.A., GAENSLER B.M., et al.
2011PASP..123.1054F 325       D     X C       8 11 14 The fall and the rise of X-rays from dwarf novae in outburst: RXTE observations of VW Hydri and WW Ceti. FERTIG D., MUKAI K., NELSON T., et al.
2011PASP..123.1156V 1741 T   A D S   X C       43 8 13 A thousand hours of

GW Librae
: The eruption and aftermath.
2011PASP..123.1423M 40           X         1 6 19 High-speed time-series CCD photometry with Agile. MUKADAM A.S., OWEN R., MANNERY E., et al.
2013A&A...549A..77Z viz 94       D       C       2 16 11 The accretion disk in the post period-minimum cataclysmic variable SDSS J080434.20+510349.2. ZHARIKOV S., TOVMASSIAN G., AVILES A., et al.
2013MNRAS.430.1994R 39           X         1 23 24 X-ray luminosities of optically selected cataclysmic variables and application to the Galactic ridge X-ray emission. REIS R.C., WHEATLEY P.J., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2013PASJ...65...23K 212       D     X C       5 110 58 Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. IV. The fourth year (2011-2012). KATO T., HAMBSCH F.-J., MAEHARA H., et al.
2013AJ....145..121S 378     A     X         10 6 4 Hubble Space Telescope and optical data on SDSSJ0804+5103 (EZ Lyn) one year after outburst. SZKODY P., MUKADAM A.S., SION E.M., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..513S 562       D S   X         14 6 0 The instability strip for accreting pulsating white dwarfs as a probe for accretion heating/cooling. SZKODY P., MUKADAM A.S., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..539S 16       D               2 37 1 White dwarfs in cataclysmic variable stars: accretion physics and evolution. SION E.M. and GODON P.
2012MmSAI..83..585B 39           X         1 14 8 The X-ray properties of cataclysmic variables. BALMAN S.
2012MmSAI..83..713T 117           X         3 6 1 Precession of white dwarfs in CVs . TOVMASSIAN G., ZHARIKOV S. and NEUSTROEV V.
2013MNRAS.432.2596N 39           X         1 13 6 Steps towards a solution of the FS Aurigae puzzle - II. Confirmation of the intermediate polar status. NEUSTROEV V.V., TOVMASSIAN G.H., ZHARIKOV S.V., et al.
2013ApJ...770...98V viz 79           X         2 24 15 A Chandra X-ray study of the interacting binaries in the old open cluster NGC 6791. VAN DEN BERG M., VERBUNT F., TAGLIAFERRI G., et al.
2013AJ....146...54M 79           X         2 8 4 Enigmatic recurrent pulsational variability of the accreting white dwarf EQ Lyn (SDSS J074531.92+453829.6). MUKADAM A.S., TOWNSLEY D.M., SZKODY P., et al.
2013ApJ...775...66S 197           X         5 6 6 Hubble space telescope and ground-based observations of V455 Andromedae post-outburst. SZKODY P., MUKADAM A.S., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2013PASJ...65...87I 39           X         1 9 1 OAO/MITSuME photometry of dwarf novae. I. SU Ursae Majoris. IMADA A., IZUMIURA H., KURODA D., et al.
2013PASJ...65...97K 39           X         1 24 16 Analysis of three SU UMa-type dwarf novae in the Kepler field. KATO T. and OSAKI Y.
2013PASJ...65..115K 94       D     X         3 53 36 New method of estimating binary's mass ratios by using superhumps. KATO T. and OSAKI Y.
2013PASJ...65..117N 16       D               1 56 17 WZ Sge-type dwarf novae with multiple rebrightenings : MASTER OT J211258.65+242145.4 and MASTER OT J203749.39+552210.3. NAKATA C., OHSHIMA T., KATO T., et al.
2014MNRAS.440..365T viz 40           X         1 50 19 Identification of 23 accreting binaries in the Galactic Bulge Survey. TORRES M.A.P., JONKER P.G., BRITT C.T., et al.
2014MNRAS.440.1490C 40           X         1 7 11 Puoko-nui: a flexible high-speed photometric system. CHOTE P., SULLIVAN D.J., BROWN R., et al.
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GW Lib white dwarfs.
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GW Librae
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GW Librae: still hot eight years post-outburst.
2016MNRAS.459.3929T 1218 T K A D     X C F     28 9 5

GW Librae
: a unique laboratory for pulsations in an accreting white dwarf.
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GW Librae
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