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2021MNRAS.504.4072R 50           X         1 10 ~ Detection of an energetic flare from the M5V secondary star in the Polar MQ Dra. RAMSAY G., HAKALA P. and WOOD M.A.
2020A&A...642A.134S 47           X         1 8 ~ The various accretion modes of AM Herculis: Clues from multi-wavelength observations in high accretion states. SCHWOPE A.D., WORPEL H., TRAULSEN I., et al.
2020ApJ...890...23L 19       D               2 4935 ~ Current population statistics do not favor photoevaporation over core-powered mass loss as the dominant cause of the exoplanet radius gap. LOYD R.O.P., SHKOLNIK E.L., SCHNEIDER A.C., et al.
2020ApJ...901..113F 47           X         1 11 ~ Long-term period changes and brightness variations for the deeply eclipsing cataclysmic variable SW Sex. FANG X., QIAN S., HAN Z., et al.
2020MNRAS.491..201J 47           X         1 21 ~ Optical and X-ray studies of three polars: RX J0859.1+0537, RX J0749.1-0549, and RX J0649.8-0737. JOSHI A., PANDEY J.C., RAJ A., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.4298K 2892 T K A D     X C       61 27 ~ A spectroscopic, photometric, polarimetric, and radio study of the eclipsing polar

UZ Fornacis
: the first simultaneous SALT and MeerKAT observations.
2020PASP..132j2001H 47           X         1 47 ~ Solar system physics for Exoplanet research. HORNER J., KANE S.R., MARSHALL J.P., et al.
2019A&A...621A..31K 2088 T K A     X C       45 7 ~ High-speed photometry of the eclipsing polar

UZ Fornacis
2019A&A...632A.113D 90           X         2 19 ~ Circumbinary exoplanets and brown dwarfs with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. DANIELSKI C., KOROL V., TAMANINI N., et al.
2019ApJ...877...75P viz 18       D               2 216 ~ Magnetic activity and orbital period study for the short-period RS CVn-type eclipsing binary DV Psc. PI Q.-F., ZHANG L.-Y., BI S.-L., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.3831B 45           X         1 23 ~ Discovery, observations, and modelling of a new eclipsing polar: MASTER OT J061451.70-272535.5. BREYTENBACH H., BUCKLEY D.A.H., HAKALA P., et al.
2018A&A...611A..48P viz 44           X         1 13 ~ The quest for stable circumbinary companions to post-common envelope sdB eclipsing binaries. Does the observational evidence support their existence? PULLEY D., FAILLACE G., SMITH D., et al.
2018A&A...611A..66S viz 44           X         1 7 2 VLA radio observations of AR Scorpii. STANWAY E.R., MARSH T.R., CHOTE P., et al.
2018A&A...615A..81N 174           X         4 13 2 Applegate mechanism in post-common-envelope binaries: Investigating the role of rotation. NAVARRETE F.H., SCHLEICHER D.R.G., FUENTEALBA J.Z., et al.
2018AJ....155...18L 44           X         1 10 ~ MASTER OT J132104.04+560957.8: a polar with absorption-emission line reversals. LITTLEFIELD C., GARNAVICH P., HOYT T.J., et al.
2018AJ....156..153D 44           X         1 13 ~ A phenomenological model for the light curve of three quiescent low-inclination dwarf novae and one pre-cataclysmic variable. DAI Z., SZKODY P., KENNEDY M., et al.
2017A&A...603A..47B 43           X         1 7 ~ Neglected X-ray discovered polars. I. Giant flares in V358 Aquarii. BEUERMANN K., BURWITZ V., REINSCH K., et al.
2017AJ....153..137N viz 85           X         2 14 4 Is there a circumbinary planet around NSVS 14256825? NASIROGLU I., GOZDZIEWSKI K., SLOWIKOWSKA A., et al.
2017AJ....153..238H viz 43           X         1 11 5 Cyclic period oscillation of the eclipsing dwarf nova DV UMa. HAN Z.-T., QIAN S.-B., IRINA V., et al.
2017AJ....154..252B viz 145       D     X         4 138 1 A Jansky VLA survey of magnetic cataclysmic variable stars. I. The data. BARRETT P.E., DIECK C., BEASLEY A.J., et al.
2017PASJ...69...28L 85           X         2 9 1 A possible giant planet orbiting the cataclysmic variable LX Ser. LI K., HU S., ZHOU J., et al.
2017PASP..129a4201V 43           X         1 12 1 The orbital ephemeris of the classical nova RR Pictoris: presence of a third body? VOGT N., SCHREIBER M.R., HAMBSCH F.-J., et al.
2017PASP..129i4202Y 43           X         1 38 1 Long-term periodicities of cataclysmic variables with synoptic surveys. YANG M.T.-C., CHOU Y., NGEOW C.-C., et al.
2016A&A...587A..34V 269       D     X C       6 16 17 Eclipsing time variations in close binary systems: Planetary hypothesis vs. Applegate mechanism. VOELSCHOW M., SCHLEICHER D.R.G., PERDELWITZ V., et al.
2016ApJ...828...39B 42           X         1 12 1 Time-variable aluminum absorption in the polar AR Ursae Majoris, and an updated estimate for the mass of the white dwarf. BAI Y., JUSTHAM S., LIU J., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.4282W 42           X         1 7 1 The nature of the cataclysmic variable PT Per. WATSON M.G., BRUCE A., MacLEOD C., et al.
2016MNRAS.463.1099T 84           X         2 33 6 The OmegaWhite Survey for short period variable stars - II. An overview of results from the first four years. TOMA R., RAMSAY G., MACFARLANE S., et al.
2015A&A...579A..24B 510       D   O X C       12 27 7 Quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting magnetic white dwarfs. I. Observational constraints in X-ray and optical. BONNET-BIDAUD J.M., MOUCHET M., BUSSCHAERT C., et al.
2015ApJS..219...32H 552       D S   X C       12 80 7 The WISE light curves of polars. HARRISON T.E. and CAMPBELL R.K.
2014A&A...562A.108S viz 16       D               1 196 35 Search for 150 MHz radio emission from extrasolar planets in the TIFR GMRT Sky Survey. SIROTHIA S.K., LECAVELIER DES ETANGS A., GOPAL-KRISHNA, et al.
2014A&A...563A..61S 139       D     X         4 18 23 Planet formation from the ejecta of common envelopes. SCHLEICHER D.R.G. and DREIZLER S.
2014A&A...565A.104H 81           X         2 15 2 On the RZ Draconis substellar circumbinary companions. Stability study of the proposed substellar circumbinary system. HINSE T.C., HORNER J., LEE J.W., et al.
2014A&A...566A.101B viz 41           X         1 20 12 Long-term photometry of the eclipsing dwarf nova V893 Scorpii. Orbital period, oscillations, and a possible giant planet. BRUCH A.
2014A&A...570A..50S 41           X         1 26 3 Effects of X-ray and extreme UV radiation on circumbinary planets. SANZ-FORCADA J., DESIDERA S. and MICELA G.
2014ApJ...786...68H 81             C       1 30 4 Nova-like cataclysmic variables in the infrared. HOARD D.W., LONG K.S., HOWELL S.B., et al.
2014MNRAS.437..475M 50           X         1 6 56 The planets around NN Serpentis: still there. MARSH T.R., PARSONS S.G., BOURS M.C.P., et al.
2014MNRAS.438..307H 83           X         2 6 16 Revisiting the proposed circumbinary multiplanet system NSVS 14256825. HINSE T.C., LEE J.W., GOZDZIEWSKI K., et al.
2014MNRAS.440..365T viz 41           X         1 50 19 Identification of 23 accreting binaries in the Galactic Bulge Survey. TORRES M.A.P., JONKER P.G., BRITT C.T., et al.
2014MNRAS.444.1698B 98       D     X         3 16 20 First- versus second-generation planet formation in post-common envelope binary (PCEB) planetary systems. BEAR E. and SOKER N.
2013A&A...549A..95Z 217       D     X         6 76 70 Origin of apparent period variations in eclipsing post-common-envelope binaries. ZOROTOVIC M. and SCHREIBER M.R.
2013A&A...552A.119S viz 16       D               1 1488 42 Magnetic energy fluxes in sub-Alfvenic planet star and moon planet interactions. SAUR J., GRAMBUSCH T., DULING S., et al.
2013AN....334..860A viz 16       D               1 7216 19 Eclipsing variables: Catalogue and classification. AVVAKUMOVA E.A., MALKOV O.Yu. and KNIAZEV A.Yu.
2013ApJ...766...11A 18       D               2 14 28 Two possible circumbinary planets in the eclipsing post-common envelope system NSVS 14256825. ALMEIDA L.A., JABLONSKI F. and RODRIGUES C.V.
2013ApJ...774..153D 40           X         1 12 6 Updated photometry and orbital period analysis for the polar AM Herculis on the upper edge of the period gap. DAI Z., QIAN S. and LI L.
2013MNRAS.431.2150W 45           X         1 7 41 On the dynamical stability of the proposed planetary system orbiting NSVS 14256825. WITTENMYER R.A., HORNER J. and MARSHALL J.P.
2013MNRAS.435.2033H 85             C       1 8 41 A detailed dynamical investigation of the proposed QS Virginis planetary system. HORNER J., WITTENMYER R.A., HINSE T.C., et al.
2013MNRAS.436.2515M 42           X         1 8 23 Main-sequence progenitor configurations of the NN Ser candidate circumbinary planetary system are dynamically unstable. MUSTILL A.J., MARSHALL J.P., VILLAVER E., et al.
2013NewA...19...42T 80             C       2 3 ~ Pure cyclotron spectra of V405 Aur. TUTAR D. and PEKUNLU E.R.
2012A&A...539A.153P 16       D               1 25 4 Period changes of the long-period cataclysmic binary EX Draconis. PILARCIK L., WOLF M., DUBOVSKY P.A., et al.
2012A&A...542A..92R 40           X         1 186 75 Extrasolar planets in stellar multiple systems. ROELL T., NEUHAEUSER R., SEIFAHRT A., et al.
2012A&A...543A.138B 42           X         1 11 50 The quest for companions to post-common envelope binaries. III. A reexamination of HW Virginis. BEUERMANN K., DREIZLER S., HESSMAN F.V., et al.
2012A&A...546A.104T 41           X         1 4 8 The high-field polar RX J1007.5-2017. THOMAS H.-C., BEUERMANN K., REINSCH K., et al.
2012ApJ...756...27L viz 16       D               1 4347 32 Classification of X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalog. LIN D., WEBB N.A. and BARRET D.
2012ApJ...757....7M 79             C       1 26 21 WISE detections of dust in the habitable zones of planet-bearing stars. MORALES F.Y., PADGETT D.L., BRYDEN G., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.3258W 43           X         1 9 60 Revisiting the proposed planetary system orbiting the eclipsing polar HU Aquarii. WITTENMYER R.A., HORNER J., MARSHALL J.P., et al.
2012MNRAS.420.3609H 122           X         3 6 41 New light-travel time models and orbital stability study of the proposed planetary system HU Aquarii. HINSE T.C., LEE J.W., GOZDZIEWSKI K., et al.
2012MNRAS.422.2332R 119           X         3 20 11 The fight for accretion: discovery of intermittent mass transfer in BB Doradus in the low state. RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., LONG K.S., et al.
2012MNRAS.425..930G 65     A     X         2 14 40 On the HU Aquarii planetary system hypothesis. GOZDZIEWSKI K., NASIROGLU I., SLOWIKOWSKA A., et al.
2012MNRAS.427.2812H 42           X         1 8 42 A dynamical analysis of the proposed circumbinary HW Virginis planetary system. HORNER J., HINSE T.C., WITTENMYER R.A., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..490H 40           X         1 20 2 Dust in white dwarfs and cataclysmic variables (an observational perspective). HOARD D.
2012MmSAI..83..498D 199           X         5 11 0 Evidence for planets in post-common envelope binaries. DREIZLER S., BEUERMANN K. and HESMAN F.V.
2012MmSAI..83..570E 40           X         1 31 1 Doppler tomography in cataclysmic variables: an historical perspective. ECHEVARRIA J.
2012MmSAI..83..578M 40           X         1 23 3 The X-ray emission of magnetic cataclysmic variables in the XMM-Newton era. MOUCHET M., BONNET-BIDAUD J.M. and DE MARTINO D.
2012MmSAI..83..614D 135       D     X         4 15 1 Orbital period analyses for the CVs inside the period gap. DAI Z.-B. and QIAN S.-B.
2012MmSAI..83..670K 40           X         1 5 5 The observations of deeply eclipsing polars FL Ceti and CSS 081231: 071126+440405. KATYSHEVA N. and SHUGAROV S.
2012RAA....12.1081Z 40           X         1 62 13 Forming different planetary systems. ZHOU J.-L., XIE J.-W., LIU H.-G., et al.
2011A&A...529A.116T 39           X         1 7 5 XMM-Newton observations of the X-ray soft polar QS Telescopii. TRAULSEN I., REINSCH K., SCHWOPE A.D., et al.
2011A&A...530A.117V 39           X         1 9 8 XMM-Newton observations of the pre-polar HS 0922+1333. VOGEL J., SCHWOPE A.D. and SCHWARZ R.
2011MNRAS.416.2202P 1106 T   A D     X C F     26 5 49 Possible detection of two giant extrasolar planets orbiting the eclipsing polar

UZ Fornacis
2010A&A...519A..69A 16       D               1 85 9 Wavelet and R/S analysis of the X-ray flickering of cataclysmic variables. ANZOLIN G., TAMBURINI F., DE MARTINO D., et al.
2010ApJ...721.1908T 39           X         1 8 7 X-ray observation of AM Herculis in a very low state with Suzaku. TERADA Y., ISHIDA M., BAMBA A., et al.
2010MNRAS.409.1195D 2561 T K A S   X C       63 3 18 Orbital period analyses for two cataclysmic variables:

UZ Fornacis
and V348 Puppis inside the period gap.
2008ApJ...672..531C 41           X         1 3 18 Cyclotron modeling phase-resolved infrared spectroscopy of polars. I. EF Eridani. CAMPBELL R.K., HARRISON T.E., SCHWOPE A.D., et al.
2008NewA...13..133A viz 15       D               459 29 Spatial distribution and galactic model parameters of cataclysmic variables. AK T., BILIR S., AK S., et al.
2007A&A...464..647V 38           X         1 18 14 An in-depth study of the pre-polar candidate WX Leonis Minoris. VOGEL J., SCHWOPE A.D. and GAENSICKE B.T.
2007Ap.....50..351V 56 3 White Dwarf + Red Dwarf Binary Systems and the Period Gap of Cataclysmic Variables. VOJKHANSKAJA N.F.
2007MNRAS.379.1209R 38           X         1 10 10 XMM-Newton observations of the eclipsing polar V2301 Oph. RAMSAY G. and CROPPER M.
2007MNSSA..66..106M 65 1 Report on CCD activities at the Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria) in 2006. MONARD B.
2006A&A...446..785M viz 6345 100 A catalogue of eclipsing variables. MALKOV O.Y., OBLAK E., SNEGIREVA E.A., et al.
2006A&A...452..955S 6 7 A 110MG cyclotron harmonic in the optical spectrum of RXJ1554.2+2721. SCHWOPE A.D., SCHREIBER M.R. and SZKODY P.
2006MNRAS.371..727P 4 2 Photometric and polarimetric observations of the eclipsing polar SDSS J205017.84-053626.8. POTTER S.B., O'DONOGHUE D., ROMERO-COLMENERO E., et al.
2006MNRAS.372..151O 6 5 64 First science with the Southern African Large Telescope: peering at the accreting polar caps of the eclipsing polar SDSS J015543.40+002807.2. O'DONOGHUE D., BUCKLEY D.A.H., BALONA L.A., et al.
2006MNRAS.373..484K 180 176 The donor stars of cataclysmic variables. KNIGGE C.
2005A&A...439..823K 1 2 4 Cyclotron emission from accretion plasma columns in magnetic cataclysmic variable stars. KALOMENI B., PEKUENLU E.R. and YAKUT K.
2005A&A...444..213S 1 10 22 Doppler tomography of the asynchronous polar BY Camelopardalis. SCHWARZ R., SCHWOPE A.D., STAUDE A., et al.
2005AJ....130..210H 5 2 Far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer observations of the low-mass X-ray binary 2A 1822-371 (V691 coronae australis). HUTCHINGS J.B., COWLEY A.P., MANN R., et al.
2005ApJ...620..416P 7 13 Irregular mass transfer in the polars VV Puppis and V393 Pavonis during the low state. PANDEL D. and CORDOVA F.A.
2005MNRAS.364..565P 5 2 Photopolarimetric observations of the new eclipsing polar CTCVJ1928-5001. POTTER S.B., AUGUSTEIJN T. and TAPPERT C.
2004AN....325..193M 35 12 Doppler tomography of cataclysmic variables. MORALES-RUEDA L.
2004AN....325..197S 5 9 Indirect iamging of polars. SCHWOPE A.D., STAUDE A., VODEL J., et al.
2004MNRAS.347..497R 40 46 The energy balance of polars revisited. RAMSAY G. and CROPPER M.
2004MNRAS.350.1373R 47 33 XMM-Newton observations of polars in low accretion states. RAMSAY G., CROPPER M., WU K., et al.
2004RMxAC..20..172S 7 0 XMM observations of polars from the SDSS. SZKODY P., HOMER L., CHEN B., et al.
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2003Ap.....46..114K 37 5 Cataclysmic variables in the "period gap". KATYSHEVA N.A. and PAVLENKO E.P.
2003MNRAS.340....1K 19 8 UBVRI photopolarimetry of the long-period eclipsing AM Herculis binary V1309 Ori. KATAJAINEN S., PIIROLA V., RAMSAY G., et al.
2003MNRAS.341..863B 7 8 Variability of the accretion stream in the eclipsing polar EP Dra. BRIDGE C.M., CROPPER M., RAMSAY G., et al.
2002A&A...382..984E 14 21 Multi-wavelength spectrophotometry of EX Hydrae. EISENBART S., BEUERMANN K., REINSCH K., et al.
2002A&A...392..505S 17 11 A new two-pole accretion polar: RX J1846.9+5538. SCHWARZ R., GREINER J., TOVMASSIAN G.H., et al.
2002AJ....123..420H 4 8 Simultaneous extreme-ultraviolet and infrared observations of the eclipsing polar HU Aquarii. HOWELL S.B., CIARDI D.R., SIRK M.M., et al.
2002ApJ...565..511H viz 521 66 Infrared properties of cataclysmic variables in the 2 micron all-sky survey second incremental data release. HOARD D.W., WACHTER S., CLARK L.L., et al.
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2002MNRAS.336.1049P 112 T K                 3 10 XMM-Newton observes flaring in the polar
UZ For during a low state.
2002MNRAS.336.1129B 1 5 21 STJ observations of the eclipsing polar HU Aqr. BRIDGE C.M., CROPPER M., RAMSAY G., et al.
2001A&A...372..945K         O           13 3 UBVRI-polarimetry of the AM Herculis star RX J0203.8+2959. KATAJAINEN S., SCALTRITI F., PIIROLA V., et al.
2001A&A...374..588S 1 5 21 System parameters of the long-period polar V1309 Ori. STAUDE A., SCHWOPE A.D. and SCHWARZ R.
2001A&A...375..419S 5 3 45 The soft X-ray eclipses of HU Aqr. SCHWOPE A.D., SCHWARZ R., SIRK M., et al.
2001ApJ...548..410S 11 28 Time-resolved Hubble space telescope spectroscopy of four eclipsing magnetic cataclysmic variables. SCHMIDT G.D. and STOCKMAN H.S.
2001ApJ...553L.177D 4 11 Doppler tomography of the emission-line flickering in cataclysmic variables. DIAZ M.P.
2001ApJ...562L..71S 112 T K                 2 7 A burst from the direction of
UZ Fornacis with XMM-newton.
2001MNRAS.322..269V 1 2 11 Accretion stream mapping of HU Aquarii. VRIELMANN S. and SCHWOPE A.D.
2001MNRAS.322..631R 12 11 Multiwavelength monitoring of QS Tel. ROSEN S.R., RAINGER J.F., BURLEIGH M.R., et al.
2001MNRAS.324..899P 113 T K                 4 31 High-speed energy-resolved STJ photometry of the eclipsing binary
UZ For.
2001MNRAS.326..788H 4 7 Indirect imaging of the accretion stream in eclipsing polars - III. HU Aquarii low state. HARROP-ALLIN M.K., POTTER S.B. and CROPPER M.
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2000A&A...356..490K 134 T K A   O           3 18 Eclipse mapping of the accretion stream in

UZ Fornacis
2000A&A...358..417M 155 10 Cataclysmic variables as sources of gravitational waves. MELIANI M.T., DE ARAUJO J.C.N. and AGUIAR O.D.
2000ARA&A..38..231B 97 32 Extreme ultraviolet astronomy. BOWYER S., DRAKE J.J. and VENNES S.
2000INGN....3...23R 1 0 S-Cam update - Novel capabilities for resolving old problems ! RANDO N. and MOORE P.
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2000PASP..112..873W 123 262 Magnetism in isolated and binary white dwarfs. (Invited review). WICKRAMASINGHE D.T. and FERRARIO L.
1999A&A...343..157R 1 8 41 HS 1023+3900 - a magnetic CV in the period gap with a distinct cyclotron emission line spectrum. REIMERS D., HAGEN H.-J. and HOPP U.
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1998ApJ...497..921V 54 45 The stellar extreme-ultraviolet radiation field. VALLERGA J.
1998ApJ...501..830I 110 T K                 2 10 High-state observations of the eclipsing AM Herculis object
UZ Fornacis.
1998ApJ...506..824S 1 11 35 The three-dimensional structure of extreme-ultraviolet accretion regions in AM Herculis stars: modeling of extreme-ultraviolet photometric and spectroscopic observations. SIRK M.M. and HOWELL S.B.
1998MNRAS.295..899B 10 8 Polarimetry of the eclipsing polar RX J0929.1-2404. BUCKLEY D.A.H., FERRARIO L., WICKRAMASINGHE D.T., et al.
1998MNRAS.299..998B 10 4 A ROSAT observation of the dipping, flaring and eclipsing polar MN Hya (RX J0929.1-2404). BUCKLEY D.A.H., BARRETT P.E., HABERL F., et al.
1997A&A...319..894S 2 9 80 Phase-resolved high-resolution spectrophotometry of the eclipsing polar HU Aquarii. SCHWOPE A.D., MANTEL K.-H. and HORNE K.
1997A&A...320..181S 109 T K                 4 5 On the mass of the white dwarf in
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EXO 033319-2554.2

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