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2006AJ....131..686C 34 19 Adaptive optics imaging of low-redshift damped Lyα quasar absorbers. CHUN M.R., GHARANFOLI S., KULKARNI V.P., et al.
2003A&A...397..539S 10 4 Close pairs of quasars with different redshifts: New observations and results. SLUSE D., SURDEJ J., CLAESKENS J.-F., et al.
2003ApJ...597..706C 1 25 93 The nature of damped Lyα absorbing galaxies at z ≤ 1: a photometric redshift survey of damped Lyα absorbers. CHEN H.-W. and LANZETTA K.M.
1996AJ....112.2533B 31 38 AO 0235+164 and surrounding field: surprising HST results. BURBIDGE E.M., BEAVER E.A., COHEN R.D., et al.
1989ApJ...338..735Y 1 9 47 The extent of nebular emission associated with the z= 0.525 absorber near AO 0235+164. YANNY B., YORK D.G. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1988A&A...198L..13S 5 4 84 AO 0325+164 : the case of a gravitationally microlensed BL Lac object ? STICKEL M., FRIED J.W. and KUHR H.

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