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2016MNRAS.457.2814S viz 17       D               1 8922 16 The evolved-star dust budget of the Small Magellanic Cloud: the critical role of a few key players. SRINIVASAN S., BOYER M.L., KEMPER F., et al.
2011AJ....142..103B viz 16       D               1 143678 98 Surveying the agents of galaxy evolution in the tidally stripped, low metallicity Small Magellanic Cloud (SAGE-SMC). II. Cool evolved stars. BOYER M.L., SRINIVASAN S., VAN LOON J.Th., et al.
2011AcA....61..217S viz 16       D               1 2579 56 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The OGLE-III catalog of variable stars. XIII. Long-period variables in the Small Magellanic Cloud. SOSZYNSKI I., UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M.K., et al.
2009A&A...501..985T 78         O   C       2 79 33 New Magellanic cloud R Coronae Borealis and DY Persei type stars from the EROS-2 database: the connection between RCBs, DYPers, and ordinary carbon stars. TISSERAND P., WOOD P.R., MARQUETTE J.B., et al.
2009BaltA..18...53A 13 3 On the latest deep light decline event of DY Persei. ALKSNIS A., LARIONOV V.M., SMIRNOVA O., et al.
2005A&A...438..521R viz 1077 15 Pulsation properties of C stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. RAIMONDO G., CIONI M.-R.L., REJKUBA M., et al.
2004A&A...424..245T 24     A   O           7 25 EROS 2 photometry of probable R Coronae Borealis stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. TISSERAND P., MARQUETTE J.B., BEAULIEU J.P., et al.
1993A&AS...97..603R viz 1708 57 Carbon stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. II. Catalogue of 1707 objects with identifications and spectrophotometry. REBEIROT E., AZZOPARDI M. and WESTERLUND B.E.

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